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2021 Cadillac LYRIQ in Oklahoma City

Many drivers have a hard time committing to electric vehicles. But after Cadillac’s announcement of the 2023 LYRIQ, there is a new level of excitement for the transition. Wearing the Cadillac crest lets mature drivers know that this is a legitimate luxury SUV, not the latest in the line of electric vehicles designed to meet the twenty-something crowd’s desire to reduce emissions, size, and style. And while the LYRIQ will not debut until the middle of 2022, customers from Moore to Oklahoma City are reserving their SUVs now.

The Refined Electric Vehicle

The Cadillac name has always represented a superior level of quality. And once again, the LYRIQ is setting the bar for all-electric SUVs with its innovative design features, technology, and bold yet classic appearance. Many features of traditional Cadillac vehicles have been adapted to provide the classic look even when their function has changed. There is no longer a need for a grille to increase airflow. But the 2023 LYRIQ includes that same style and visual impact using cutting-edge craftsmanship to mimic a functional air intake look. And that is just the beginning.

The Distance Hurdle

Battery range has always been a concern with all-electric vehicles. But using the new Ultium battery platform, this SUV offers a range of over 300 miles on a full charge. And when it is time to recharge, expect to add around 75 miles to your range in only 10 minutes of public DC fast charging. While charging at home, you can boost your range by a little over 50 miles for each hour of charging.

More Battery Function

Large battery packs also create other challenges for all-electric vehicles. Namely, the location of the batteries could completely alter the center of gravity and negatively impact vehicle handling. To address this problem, the LYRIQ houses the batteries in the lower portion of the chassis system. Here the weight can be evenly distributed and lower the center of gravity. The result is an SUV that handles as is expected of a Cadillac.

No More Tablets

When you have a luxury vehicle, you need a luxury display system. And the LYRIQ has vaulted far beyond all other vehicles with a 33″ diagonal LED display. You have the information you need and want all in a single clean display. Let the millennials keep their pocket-sized screens and micro vehicles.

A Hands-Free Ride

Only Cadillac offers drivers a Super Cruise mode. This is the first-ever totally hands-free driving mode in the United States. And with over 200,000 miles of mapped roadways, you will enjoy many relaxing and stress-free miles. To date, Cadillac owners have logged over seven million miles on this reliable system, making it the perfect complement for the LYRIQ. For those who are still undecided about going all-electric, the LYRIQ could be the one to win you over after your first glimpse of this Cadillac innovation.

Visit Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman to learn more about the 2023 LYRIQ.

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