Super Cruise

What is Cadillac Super Cruise?

As a leader in the automotive industry for over a century, it seems perfectly logical that Cadillac would be the first to introduce a true hands-free driving mode to drivers. The feature is called Super Cruise, and as the name implies, it is the next step beyond cruise control but still requires an attentive driver to be present for safety. So, when you are ready to take your hands off the wheel for a bit, Cadillac has a hands-free assist that has logged over 7,000,000 miles with drivers across the country.

The Technology Behind Super Cruise

The development of Super Cruise took more than just the brightest minds at Cadillac. There are also countless hours of trials and road tests by people just like yourself. But the result has been nothing short of amazing. The innovators at Cadillac have blended the features and function of Adaptive Cruise Control, real-time positioning, cameras, sensors, and LiDAR mapping data to provide drivers with something far more helpful than simple cruise control.

Communication Is Key

For all of this intense collaboration and data gathering, your Cadillac needs to have an active Cadillac Connect Service plan in place. This connectivity allows your vehicle to respond to all of the information gathered by the various contributors of Super Cruise. And for added safety and your peace of mind, your vehicle is also in direct contact with the safety team at OnStar Emergency Services when in Super Cruise mode. And if the Driver Attention Camera monitors you in an unresponsive condition, it immediately alerts the OnStar team.

Settings For Super Cruise

To use Super Cruise, you will need to verify and possibly change some settings on your vehicle. These changes are required to provide Super Cruise with the access to information and control of features necessary to keep your vehicle safe. First, ensure that adaptive cruise control is on and that the forward collision system is set to alert and brake. And verify that the teen driver mode is deactivated.

Other Factors

LiDAR mapping is essential for the safe function of Super Cruise. So, you will need to be on a road that the system has mapped and have software that is current for the roadway. It is also essential that your vehicle’s cameras and sensors be able to distinguish the markings on the road clearly. Poor weather conditions, snow accumulation, and glare from the sun can all diminish the capability of Super Cruise. And the final safety feature is the Driver Attention Camera that ensures you are focused on the road and can take over the vehicle operation in an emergency.

Mapped Roads

Currently, there are over 200,000 miles of mapped roadways in the United States. Maps can be found online to verify newly added mapping. Then it is as simple as a few vehicle settings, pushing a button, and removing your hands from the wheel.

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