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Cadillac User Experience with Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman

New generations of Cadillac models offer a unique user experience for the driver to make every mile more enjoyable and efficient. Current generation technology provides numerous benefits. You can learn about some of those advantages here.

The Way You Talk

Technology is easier to manage with voice recognition that identifies multiple voices from the differences in sound. Dual microphones also help the system hear your commands more clearly. You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out the correct wording for your command with the system. It can recognize natural speech, which makes it easy to request the right playlist or to find your destination.

Traveling Smarter

Real-Time Traffic for Cadillac allows you to know what’s going on right when it’s happening. You can view traffic conditions as they are currently while locating a faster route as an alternative. Re-route your trip while you’re traveling for a quicker arrival or to enjoy places of interest on the trip. You can browse by name of the place or by categories, such as restaurants, coffee shops, or gas stations.

Always Connected

Pair your Cadillac and smartphone for more efficiency and to stay connected. Just sync your device with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to answer or make phone calls while you drive or connect to your music. Access your favorite apps or use text-to-speech to have text messages read to you as you drive.


Keep your preferences saved with your own user profile, which is saved on the cloud. Even if someone else drives your vehicle, you can quickly reinstate your personal settings just the way you like them. Save as many as 60 radio stations, including Pandora channels for quick access. The system learns the routes you prefer to take to get to various destinations and will offer suggestions based on the current flow of traffic.

Keep your eyes on the road with the head-up display, which can be personalized. You can choose which alerts you want to receive to help you be better prepared for road conditions and situations ahead.

Online On the Go

Cadillac offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi built-in as a hotspot for you and your passengers. You’ll get continual updates for updates when they are ready to be downloaded. You can also be updated on your own schedule to not interrupt important trips.

New Cadillac models include this technology either as standard or as an available option. For older models, you can get either the current generation or previous generation technology on many models, such as the 2018 Cadillac CTS, 2019 Cadillac CT6, and many others.

Find out more about the Cadillac user experience when you talk to the sales team at Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman. Try it out for yourself when you test drive one of the latest new Cadillac models to see how advanced technology and intuitive design come together in your favorite vehicle. Find your favorite Cadillac and apply for financing online, so we can get you driving down the roads of Oklahoma City.