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Finance Application at Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman

As you’re shopping for that new Cadillac or a pre-owned model, you’ll also need to think about financing. Before you can drive home in the Cadillac CT5 and enjoy all the amenities it has to offer, you’ll need to have an auto loan in place. While you can look for car loans in Norman, Oklahoma City, or Moore, you can save time and get the best deals with financing right here at Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman.

Maybe you know exactly which Cadillac model is right for you. Perhaps you’ve just started researching the top models from the brand and haven’t decided on a car or SUV yet. One of the first things you should do to make the entire process a lot easier is to get pre-approval for financing. You don’t even need to know which model you want to buy or how much you want to spend.

Just fill out the finance application with Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman and let us help you find the best car loan for your budget and financial goals.

Pre-Approval for Your Cadillac

Getting pre-approved for a car loan can make the process go more smoothly. You’ll know ahead of time how much you qualify for, so you spend your time looking at models that fit that budget. The finance department will have some of your information so that they can prepare the loan documents quickly once you decide on a model.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the pre-approval application. Complete the application on your tablet or smartphone on the go or on your laptop at home. Just input some basic information about you and your financial status and submit it for review.

The finance team will look at your application and let you know when you’ve been approved. They will tell you the maximum amount you qualify for, but you can spend less if you prefer. You can now narrow down your choice of vehicles based on your approval amount or how much you want to spend.

Getting Approved

When you submit a finance application, our finance experts look at more than just your credit history. We look at your employment and income as well as how much debt you already have. Even someone who is just starting out with no history can get approved. Our goal is to make sure your loan is affordable, so you can enjoy ownership of your preferred Cadillac model.

Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman wants to help you get into a new or newer vehicle even if you’ve had some financial struggles in the past. If you’re buying your first vehicle, we’ll help you find a loan that fits your budget starting out on your own.

Bring your vehicle in for a trade to use as a down payment on a new model. We’ll make an offer based on the current value that you can use to lower the cost of your new vehicle.

Fill out the online credit application and let Bob Moore Cadillac of Norman help you get into a Cadillac that fits your style and needs.